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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  June 6, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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chairman. >> i'm sad myself because of my own history with kwame brown. >> i think individuals do find themselves at time in these situations, but to say the whole government is corrupt would be a misstatement because we have a lot of very hard working officials both elected and in government jobs. >> reporter: information documents filed today charge brown with one count of bank fraud. the three-page charging document says brown provided industrial bank of washington falsified documents overstating his income by tens of thousands of dollars to allow him to obtain a home equity loan to purchase a boat. sources say brown falsely forged his signature and falsely claimed in the application to have an outside job that did not exist. d.c. mayor vincent gray issued a statement late today saying he is shocked and disappointed and saddened by the news today. the mayor is awaiting the outcome of an investigation into his own campaign. two people have already copped pleas in that case.
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six months ago former councilman harry thomas, jr. admitted to stealing money. he reports to prison june 20th. 11:00 friday morning u.s. district court kwame brown goes before judge richard leon for arraignment. wednesday the council meets to select his replacement, vincent orange, phil men doll son the front runners -- mendelson, the front runners. >> we're joined now by jim shallack, state and federal prosecutor more than 20 years. great to have you here. we've been hearing rumors for a couple weeks, but when it all went down, a couple days kwame brown is on the way out. what does that mean? >> it tells me that the ever must have been overwhelming. the government may have had more evidence like on election fraud and it tells me this is the best deal he could get. he jumped at it to avoid maybe other charges. it tells me that they really had a locked case. >> this is a plea bargain. he made the best deal he could
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get you say, but some folks will say we thought this was about campaign finance violences. now you give us bank fraud -- violations. now you give us bank fraud, a loan. >> many people think bank fraud is much more serious than election law. bank fraud, he lied about how much money he made by tens of thousands of dollars to secure bank loans for what has been reported a boat, home equity line. people today are struggling. they can't get loans being honest with how much they make. they can't get loans and here is someone tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent -- ascertains to get loans. federal court they don't mess around. it's quite a strong possibility he might go to jail. >> is there pressure to bring some kind of case against a guy once you spend a lot of money investigating him? >> sure, there is, but obviously the way this fell so quickly the government had a very strong case. >> thanks for coming in and
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chatting with us. unfortunately we may have to do this again before too long. >> thank you. >> after all this what are your questions and comments about the kwame brown case or the possibility that there is yet more corruption in d.c. government? drop me a line, the address mailbag at another big story today and a lot more pleasant i might add is the washington redskins. they are moving their training camp and virginia governor bob mcdonnell and redskins general manager bruce allen made the big announcement today that the team will begin holding preseason workouts in richmond beginning next summer. the main headquarters will stay in ashburn, virginia. governor mcdonnell says the redskins' commitment is for about eight years, but even though the team is staying in the commonwealth folks in loudoun county are a business disappointed. >> reporter: i'm shoe ray chin at redskins park in -- surae chinn where at redskins park in ashburn where in a few weeks we'll see this place packed with people lining up to see their favorite teams, but next year die hard fans will have to
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drive a couple hours to see them practice in richmond. >> i wish they would stay. >> reporter: edith reed loves the redskins but is not a fan of training camp moving to richmond next year. >> it's part of this area in loudoun county and it's an attraction for a lot of families. >> reporter: and for business. training camp brings in nearly a million dollars in revenue during the three-week practice. >> these are the people who go to their games, pay for tickets and pay for a lot more paraphernalia in richmond. i'm a fan of ashburn and keeping our local economy strong. >> i'll probably stay here and wait for them to come up here and play and watch them then. >> reporter: restaurants and hotels will also feel their absence. >> it stinks on the business end but whatever. as long as they win the super bowl, go redskins, right? >> reporter: in ashburn, surae chinn, 9 news now. >> as long as they win the super bowl, we'll all be happy. in just under three hours maryland's largest casino is set to open its doors to the public for the very first time and reporter matt jablow is
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standing by live in hanover with more on the big grand opening. it's maryland live!, matt. >> reporter: that's right. the grand opening won't take place for about another three hours, but behind me the vip party has already started to mark the first day of maryland's newest and one of the country's largest slot casinos. [ audio difficulty ] and finally building maryland live! will open at 10:00 tonight, thousands of slot machines and electronic table games on a 160,000 square foot casino floor. the casino's president told me earlier the $500 million project is good not only for those who like to gamble, but for almost all maryland residents. >> 400 million a year what is we anticipate paying in taxes which will make us the largest taxpayer in the state of maryland and by far the largest single source of revenue for the state's school system. it's got about $30 million a year to go to the local community as far as additional support for the infrastructure needs in the local community
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and then you have about $60 million a year that we'll be spending on just the goods and services that we need to do to run this facility every year. >> reporter: once again the casino opens at 10:00 tonight. we'll tell you all about it in a full live report tonight at 11:00. >> thank you, matt. time to take a look at that forecast. meteorologist topper shutt outside on our weather terrace where we thought we might see a drip oar two of rain, but it hasn't really happened, has it? >> not here, but south of town it has, derek. a couple thunderstorms we've been tracking the last or so. we've zoomed in. go down u.s. 1 south of alexandria, pretty heavy rain. see the reds? rainfall rates about 1 inch per hour. the storm down 5 and in charles county moved out of prince george's county is weakening a little. so that one is headed down towards hughesville. that will weaken in the next hour or so. temperatures have been rain
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cooled, 56 downtown, 68 gaithersburg, 70 manassas, 64 andrews. for tonight partly to mostly cloudy, cool, shower or thunderstorm possible, lows 52 to 62. it does appear that the storm is moving away from the nats game. it will be a nice evening for the nats as we host the mets. >> thank you, top. coming up singer sheryl crowe has a brain tumor, but if you have to have one, she's lucky to have the one she does. we'll tell you why. >> but right after the break remembering one of the most beloved science fiction writers in the world.
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tonight the world remembers science fiction writer ray bradbury. he died last night after a long battle with illness. his most famous work, a book called fahrenheit 451 that tells of an anti-intellectual future where books are burned. bradbury also wrote for tv and movies including the cbs series the twilight zone. here's the author himself on the writing process. >> i get out of bed as fast as i, can get in front of my printer and trap them before they disappear. you must never talk about writing. you must do it. >> i like that. despite his reputation as a futurist, bradbury actually scoffed at technology. he called the internet a scam and said video games were a waste of time for men with nothing else to do. bradbury has a star on hollywood's walk of fame and a national medal of arts from
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purchase. ray bradbury was 90 -- from president bush. ray bradbury was 91. >> a live look outside at the white house, topiary long with the full forecast in a couple minutes -- topper will be along with the full forecast in a couple minutes. >> and after the break two of metro's silver lines that have been derailed. we'll tell you the good news. when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced.
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a major roadblock for continuing the silver line to dulles airport is gone. now there's only one big hurdle left. >> reporter: i'm peggy fox in reston. the metropolitan washington airport authority finally removed the biggest stumbling block for building phase 2 of metrorail from reston into dulles and loudoun county. >> all in favor say aye. >> reporter: the board voted 11-1 to remove the project labor agreement preference from phase 2 of the dulles rail project. >> i will support this resolution because i want to move forward. i came on this board to do business for the airports, not politics. >> reporter: the virginia leaders apparently first supported the pla, opinions and laws changed leading the governor to withhold virginia's money until the pla was kaput. >> with the board's decision today we are comfortable that the commonwealth $150 million contribution is now locked in. >> reporter: the next hurdle is loudoun county. even with the vote today chair
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scott york is not confident he's got enough votes to bring rail into loudoun. peggy fox, 9 news now. it's clear that president assad cannot and has failed to bring peace, stability or positive change to the syrian people. >> secretary of state hillary clinton talking about the escalating violence in syria. she is dismissing a new proposal from the russians to invite iran into the negotiations. residents say government forces have been shelling them now for two days in a row. treasury secretary tim geithner says he is working trying to ratchet up financial pressure osirian president bashir al assad. look at -- osirian president bashir al assad. -- on syrian president bashir al assad. mitt romney now says the bacteria of scott walker's -- the impact of scott walker's win could be felt nationwide. his campaign is trying to use the recall effort to energize
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republicans across the country. a jury has been seated in the jerry sandusky sex abuse trial. sandusky is the former penn state assistant football coach accused of molesting 10 boys over a 15 year span. many jurors have ties to university including a current and former professor and administrative employee, alumni and even a football season ticket holder. in tonight's health alert we are talking brain tumors. we learned today singer sheryl crowe has a benign brain tumor and even though crowe says she's fine, the word tumor is a little scary. the 52-year-old revealed she's got a fairly common type of nonaroundous tumor called a menigioma. >> these are almost always benign tumors and they rarely progress to anything beyond that. >> that is some good news. now the growth of the tumor growth covering the brain are not actually inside the brain itself in. some rare cases they get big.
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they can then cause symptoms like headaches or seizures and that's when doctors think about taking them out. crowe who is a breast cancer survivor is expected to undergo periodic brain scans to monitor the tumor's growth. >> top, you said. translator: a few thunderstorms booming around out there but not too bad. >> like two of them going south of the stadium. so the nats game will be fine tonight as we host the mets, but a couple of them have been pretty hefty south of town. we'll start with a live look outside. most of us are enjoying a very nice evening. temperatures after a high of 75 are comfortable. this is a live weather look brought to you by michael and son. we're down to 66 at the airport in part because of some showers there. winds are out of the south at 13, pressure rising at 29.98 inches of mercury. a look at live doppler 9000. we'll zoom in a bit. we're having a little data problems. we'll see if this will show up. there is a storm right here around 1 down mount vernon,
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thunderstorm over toward hughesville and to the east of la plata. so everything for the most part is moving south and east into southern maryland as the evening goes by. you can see where we've seen the rain. it's 59 in arlington, although not so sure that's true. you get the picture. it's cool where it's rained in arlington and downtown, still 71 in springfield and up in beltsville, 72 toward leesburg, 70 in manassas and low 70s in college park and beltsville. temps about 10 degrees below average. i don't think anyone will complain. warming up, a shower possible for the nats game, but now it looks like it's staying south of the stadium. more sun, warmer tomorrow, some afternoon storms thursday. they'll be more numerous tomorrow and beautiful friday with temperatures going back to near average levels. for tonight partly to mostly cloudy, cool, a shower or thunderstorm possible, low temps 52 to 62 with light wind. now tomorrow morning partly cloudy and pleasant, 50s and
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60s to start, air quality code green. that's good and winds out of the southwest at 10. by afternoon partly cloudy and warmer, shower or thunderstorm possible, high temps around yeast, winds turning becoming more westerly -- 80, winds turning becoming more westerly at 10. i think we'll be dry in the morning, 52 to 62, by noon mild, still dry, 75 to 80 and by evening a shower or thunderstorm possible, temperatures 78 to 83. the next three days, tomorrow will be a code yellow alert day because of the afternoon storms. it could impact the evening commute on your way home, but then we're code green friday and saturday, low 80s friday and mid-80s saturday, really, really looking nice. in fact, the next seven days weekend looks good. we have an isolated storm in sunday, heating up, temperatures near 90 sunday and isolated storms monday and tuesday, temps going back a bit on monday to the low 80s, then back in the mid-80s tuesday and upper 80s with a better chance
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of storms wednesday. >> summertime weather, sir. >> yes, indeed. checking our weird news file, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but apparently that old saying does not apply in the land of disney. to lake buena vista florida where a 15-year-old girl named april steelman was so psyched for his boyfriend's first trip to disney world's animal kingdom, the two of them dressed up, peter pan and tinkerbell. it took months for her to put together these costumes, but only moments for the disney costume police to break their heart. they don't allow you to look too much like the official characters down there in the park. >> they were telling me how it ruins little girls' dreams and it ruined my dream because i just wanted to be tinkerbell. >> that's not right. disney says they don't want other park guests to get confused and mistake visitors for the regular paid characters and they did give the couple some free cleats to continue
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their visit -- clothes to continue their visit, but for this would be tinkerbell, the magic has gone away. >> the good news, he doesn't have to be peter pan. he probably called the authorities. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mailbag, the address, mailbag at 9 news now will be right back.
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in the mailbag tonight reaction to last night's vote out in wisconsin not to recall republican governor scott walker over his efforts to demobilize the union bargaining rights with the government. our good friend john from chantilly says that smell you have in the air? it's the odor of sour grapes. the losing side was saying this was a bad day of america and governor walker still had to go even though last night the majority of the citizens again expressed their support for walker. still the losing side couldn't manage to spit out the words the people had spoken but rather continued their diatribe against the governor that signed legislation passed by a majority of the legislature that represented a majority of wisconsin citizens. john, while you are right about the balloting the anti-union legislation you're talking
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about passed last year on a pure party line vote. democrats were so mad about it they actually left town to try to keep the state senate from having enough members to go into session and pass that law. so after an angry and passive and expensive campaign it does not surprise me at all that no matter who won and who lost few are ready to kiss and make up when it's all done. meantime over on the wusa9 facebook page we're already getting reaction into reports d.c. council chairman kwame brown is about to resign and plead guilty to felony bank fraud. samuel shanks says they need to get the rest of them crooks on the council. i'm still wondering how jim graham avoided being fully implicated in that taxicab scheme. well, samuel it, could be that graham was innocent, you know. that's something you might have to actually consider. however, there is eric mcglocklin who brings us an interesting question. what will happen to those suv leases? nothing as far as i know, but
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the whole situation is a plan embarrassing. for years i've been arguing with people who like to say d.c. government is just corrupt. now i may just have to shut up, but you don't. that's why we have mcginty's mailbag for your thoughts, questions, ideas or comments. the address is mailbag at taco bell trying to turn up heat on the competitors. the mexican chain is going upscale beginning in july. you'll be able to sample new menu items created by a celebrity chef lorena garcia. they've got black he's been, cilantro -- black beans, cilantro rice, herbed chicken. they have to compete with restaurants like chipotle. and miley cyrus engaged. yup, people magazine says the pop singer was popped the question by her celebrity boyfriend the hunger game star leon helmsworth. the couple met three years ago and have been on and off ever
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since and the 19-year-old hannah montana star is now sporting a 3.5-carat diamond. >> that is our report. i'll be back here at 11:00 with anita. we'll see you then. is always on. bye bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most watched entertainment newsmagazine in the world. hollywood's biggest stars together for one incredible photo. >> i got to rest my hand on harrison ford's shoulder. not too shabby. >> leo behind tom and cameron. brad with scorsese and sean penn. george with julianna moore. bieber besides demi and the classic movie reunions from "love story" to "grease." >> lot of people that you're pretty blown away being around. pregnant drew barrymore's chanel wedding dress. new photos. then, 19-year-old miley cyrus is getting married. the sexy men of hbo's "true blood." we have new season secrets.


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